Our Vision is to provide integrated financial Solutions and empower you to concentrate on the Core Business.

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About Us

Knowledge, Hard work, Teamwork, And Integrity: The Four Functional Pillars

We are a group of professionals with exquisite focus on supporting our clients by providing services in various arenas helping the client focus on its main business and concentrating their resources on core businesses thereby expanding horizons and becoming the partners of their success stories.

As per the requirement of clients, we partner in different roles ranging from Bookkeeper, Accountant, Controller, Business Advisor, HRO and PEO based services, Digitization Services and Management Consultancy.

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Every business has a different kind of requirement and based on this understanding, we provide customizable experience for accomplishing needs of every client.


  • Session for discussing your specific needs and reviewing any documentation to be shared.
  • Execution of a contract or agreement.
  • Determining the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be carried on.


  • Submission of invoices, documents or contracts to via email, fax or upload to our secure web server.
  • Processing of data, documents or transactions by our accounting or business professionals, depending on the services or solutions selected.
  • Quality check/review of data by accountants, IT or marketing professional, depending on services selected.

Our Core Competencies include

  • In time processing of data and thereby meeting statutory timelines
  • Daily cash and bank balances,
  • Reconciliation of Receivable, Payable and Bank Book at regular intervals,
  • MIS reporting,
  • Customized Dash Board,

Our KYC Policy includes

  • Studying the nature of business.
  • Suggestions to improve the financial and operational efficiencies of business.
  • Continuously monitoring the processes and providing effective ways of overcoming the lacunae.
  • Reviewing the technologies used and considering the additions or changes required to increase the return for the client

Data Entry

Working in a competitive world has become increasingly difficult for the businesses. In a scenario of competition, we provide the continuous recording of data thereby provision of crucial reports for knowing the focus areas from time-to-time. We save the clients with a considerable amount of time which is spent on non-core tasks such as data entry, data processing, document format conversion, appointment scheduling, online research, reminders, managing travel plans.

Outsourcing these tasks can provide the businesses with additional time to focus on the core functions that are more critical to the business success story. This will save a substantial time and effort, and it will also reduce great deal costs. We offer cost-effective and easy data entry services to manage all data entry needs.

More importantly, our maker-checker model of executing work ensures error free environment.


Clients of our organization can always depend on us for their back office operations. Partnering with us would entail them with worry-free payroll services.

We provide the clients with end-to-end Human Resource Services including payroll management and recruitment services. Our intent is to effectively provide the clients with premium services.

With an HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing) perspective, the client can choose the services to be outsourced and the tasks to be covered in-house. On the other hand, as a PEO (Professional Employer Organizer) Partner, we provide the clients with all the HR based services as a result of which the whole Human Resources function gets outsourced.

IT Services Process

We as an integrated services provider are keen on providing clients with the IT related support as well as services including web development, maintenance, app development, cloud-based services, data processing and a range of such services assisting the clients.

Portfolio Doctoring

At Brilsys Ascent, we also help manage finances wherein we provide Personal advisory service that Manage your Stock Market portfolio to enhance its performance and upturn the returns with the focused aim of Equilibrate portfolio risk and improve returns. We advise a balanced combination of various financial instruments in the portfolio based on a research model with fundamentally sound instruments.

Secretarial law compliance

In the world full of Compliance, the business owners need a backend wherein they are capable of concentrating on core businesses rather than worrying about Complex Compliances. We offer corporate secretarial expertise by blending our human capital and expert knowledge on corporate secretarial, regulatory compliance to deliver complete and details driven solutions covering the entirety of compliance risk management.

We, at Brilsys Ascent are equipped with secretarial team that provides the full spectrum of company secretarial services, ranging from company formations to the maintenance of statutory books. We endeavor to provide our clients with tailored secretarial services to meet their specific needs.

Partnership Program

Our Partnership program is also available for the businesses who rather than investing their resources in ancillary activities are enthusiastic for focusing on their core competencies. We would serve as this backend support system, allowing clients to focus on developing their presence in the market and growing by leaps and bounds

Project Report Preparation

We provide services to our clients for preparing the reports for raising funds through different routes such as Initial Public Offering, Bank Finance, and Loans from Non Banking Financial Companies, Debentures and various other Instruments.

Business Organization

As a partner in your growth, our company also helps in choosing the best alternative for the selection of the Business Structure. We provide consultancy for the formation of Companies, LLPs or any kind of structure as suitable to the clients

Account Payable as a Service

A Bunch of Quantitative Figures is called data. Analysis so performed on such data to establish some correlationand provide useful insight in decision making is Knowledge.

The Power OF People + Technology

Accounts Payable Recovery Audits help in identifying the wrong or excess amounts paid off to creditors and in turn assist in noticing leakages.

Our insight can go a step further to recover the dues entailing benefits to the organisation on a larger scale.

Treasury as a Service

In today’s time, Corporations are required to work with multiple channels for organising finance. Corporate Treasury-As-A-Service is a Simplified Service that transforms all Financial Channels used, into a Centralised Treasury Function.

Our company, Brilsys Ascent is also proficient with various kinds of accounting software’s and have an extremely vast experience in the field; the promise of best services is given to the clients.
We are also associated with QuickBooks Online and can provide consulting based on the same.


Asim C. Mehta

Chartered Accountant - Mentor

Veteran Chartered Accountant by qualification and chief mentor of the group, Mr. Asim C. Mehta brings in 32 plus years of rich experience with him. While his advice in the operations ensures hassle free functioning of clients, his directions on the board of the company would entail an excellent infusion

Pushpendrasinh Sisodia

Chartered Accountant - Mentor

A Chartered Accountant and Academician by profession, Mr. Sisodia has an experience of over 12 years guiding students as well as providing training to professionals.

Rohan Mehta

Chartered Accountant

A young, dynamic Chartered Accountant, Mr. Rohan Mehta, has hands-on experience on various accounting software’s. He is also a pro advisor of QuickBooks Online He is responsible for the chief operations of the enterprise and the prime point for communications with the client.

Sarang Modi

Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant in Practice, Mr. Modi has worked with various outsourcing firms and has a wonderful experience in outsourcing services.

Harsh Shah

Chartered Accountant

Harsh is a Chartered Accountant responsible for the critical operations of the company. He has been working on the international front from the beginning of his career and has been instrumental in guiding the new team members during the training periods of new joinees.

Shaunak Upadhyay

Bookkeeping Specialist

Mr Shaunak is responsible for the operations of the company. His meticulous attention to minor details helps in seamless pattern of work.

Also he is instrumental in carrying out the compliances for our US based clients